Military Miniatures and Wargaming
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One of the best ways to actually study Military History is to recreate it in miniature. We are called wargamers. There are hundreds of vendors and suppliers out there that make thousands of different figures and rule sets for any period of history you are interested in. I can guarantee you that your interests are represented out there. Figures come in sized from 2mm (tiny tiny) to 54mm and beyond. The most common scales for historical gaming is 15mm (1/2" figure tall) and 25mm (1" figure tall). My favorite historical period to wargame is the War Between the States in 15mm and my favorite science fiction system is Warhammer 40k in 28mm. Course I do everything else too to some extent much to my wife's chagrin...<grin>

Wargame Supplies and Information

Goto the Best wargame shop in Atlanta, GA US. The War Room. You can drop buy and play anything, anytime you want! If you want something, anything, they will have it or can get it. Ask for Kirk or Reka and they will treat you right. Tell them Jay Haygood sent you. I am in the NATO 40k league at the War Room. We are an active group that games often. So drop by.

I am a member of the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society in the United States. Members of this group travels around the US and play wargames. Too bad I am not rich, that is all I would do! I am a member of the Mid-South Chapter out of Nashville, Tennessee. If you play historical miniatures, HMGS can get you with people with the same interests. A quality group of men and women if there ever was one.

Science Fiction Wargaming
This includes Games Workshop's 40k, Full Thrust, Dirt Side
Wargaming the American Civil War
mainly 15mm using Fire and Fury, Piquet, or Johnny Reb III
Other types of wargaming
Wizkids Mechwarrior and Games Workshop's Warmaster
Historical Wargaming
currently DBM and Flames of War

Internet Wargaming Miniature Wargaming Computer/Board Wargaming
ACW Reenacting USA Military Military History
Haygood Family

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