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I have been a reenactor of the War Between the States (the Civil War to you yankees...) for a long time now. The Civil War is unique in that it was the last 'Napoleonic' type war and the first truly 'modern' war. At the beginning of the war there were muzzleloading muskets and men moving shoulder to shoulder engaging the enemy. At the end of the war there were repeaters and rifled cannon with men in trenches. After the war and for every one following, the United States has excelled in logistics and getting men and materiel to the front.

Jefferson Davis, President of the ConfederacyThe 10th Georgia Volunteer Infantry is the ACW reenactment unit I belong to. I have been a reenactor for close to 19 years. My father and I started this unit way back then. We saw the reenactment of the battle of Jonesboro, GA advertised in the paper. We went and the rest is history. We are a family unit that brings our family with us most of the time. We are an authentic unit that portrays an early to mid war line combat unit from Georgia. We let each member decide how he wishes to camp at the event. We all have authentic tentage, we all have modern tents, and some have motor homes. So whatever you want to do is fine. We also portray the 44th New York Infantry when we have to galvanize. We are HQ'd in the Middle Georgia area and would like everybody to come to every one of these events. We are part of the Georgia Volunteer Battalion.

I will be posting some 10th Georgia pictures when I can.

The Camp Chase Gazette Online Civil War Magazine. The Camp Chase has been around as long as I have reenacted. In fact they were there back in the 1960s I hear. This is a great place to find links to events around the country concerning reenacting. You cant go wrong by going here. The Camp Chase is also a printed magazine so subscriptions are available.

A very interesting book that is out from Simon and Schuster is Eye of the Storm. This is an incredible first hand account of the civil war from a Union private's perspective. Mr. Robert Sneden left us an illustrated 5000! page memoir that was is life's achievement. He fought as a private and a mapmaker for the union army. He was captured and interred in Andersonville. I have seen the book. Beautiful first hand accounts and drawings. Well worth looking into...

135th Gettysburg reenactment I went to the 135th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg on 9 July 1998. This was the largest reenactment ever held. Georgia brought close to 270 men in the Georgia Volunteer Battalion. I was selected by the officers of the unit to be the Color Sergeant. To read more about my adventure in History, go to my Gettysburg report. See some official Gettysburg.com pictures of the 1998 reenactment.


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