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This page is my link to Wargames and reenacting information I am playing on the Internet as well as links to my other favorite sites. Keep coming back and I will keep changing it every now and then. Below you will find links to wargaming, the US military, hobby shops, reenacting, and wargaming. Did I mention wargaming?...<grin>

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I work for Wellstar at Atlanta Medical Center. I am a Senior Applications Analyst at the hospital and my team keeps the computer systems as the facility working properly. Wellstar and AMC keeps me in the money enough to keep me doing what I love to do...play. Course I could use a raise so if any Wellstar bosses are reading this, please make that happen...

Email Me with any suggestions or questions and THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!

As you can tell I am a wargamer by nature. Any information on any wargame of any period is appreciated. You can never play too many games. 'Peace is my prayer but War is my hobby'

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"When we've been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun...there is no less days to sing God's praise than when we first begun."
(second verse to Amazing Grace, my favorite hymn)

In Loving Memory of my family who have gone on to see our Lord

Stephanie Suzanne Sunshine Shaw (Jan 1970 - Aug 1997)
Veronica Francis Younger (1920ish - Oct 2001)
Franklin Francis Younger (Oct 1917 - Jan 2011)
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