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Computer and Board Wargaming
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Wargaming has come a long way since its inception so long ago. Of course there are loads of miniature wargaming and board wargaming out there, but with the schedules of everyone now days, you can't seem to get together. Well back in the '80s in steps the PC. Since then wargaming can be done solo against a computer and over the internet head to head and now you can get your fix until the next time you and your mates get together for some serious headbashing.

Computer wargaming

World War II. Just those three words bring with it a huge amount of strategy and tactical combats on a huge scale. Many, many games have been produced about WWII. The series of Combat Missions by Battlefront.com are some of the most amazing WWII gaming products ever made on the computer for the wargamer. Eastern Front, Western Front, and North Africa are all represented. Get these games! There are none better I will promise you.

The Matrix Games is another good place to begin. They completely rewrote Steel Panthers and its descendents. It is a FREE download! Good Stuff here. Matrix is coming out with a lot of good stuff.

firaxis.gif (2891 bytes)The BEST wargame ever made for the computer that blends ACW historical miniatures with easy and EXCITING game play is Sid Meier's Gettysburg and Sid Meier's Antietem made by Firaxis.. If you enjoy miniatures, you will not go wrong with this game. Fun, fast, and very playable! There are several support sites for Gettysburg.

Not wargaming per-se but Diablo II is just incredible! Diablo II by Blizzard is simply the best fantasy game ever produced. I have completed the game as a paladin. I now am doing it as a druid. Diablo II will suck you in for hours and hours. FEAR (and enjoy) this game.

Warloads Battlecry III is another one of those games that while it is not wargaming, it is a best thing this sliced bread! SSG has been around with this system for years and SSG's game feature great AI for a computer opponent. Screw up and SSG games will punish you!

Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns and Kohan: Ahriman's Gift are very good wargames. Not historical but very cool. You get to build units of forces and send them into combat. Very very nice.

Talonsoft's siteTalonsoft produced GREAT wargames. Pure and simple. They too are now gone but you will enjoy their games none the less. I have played the Operational Art of War I and II, East Front, and West Front by them and had a grand time.

Board wargaming

B-17I am playing in a campaign with a great group of guys using Avalon Hill's B17- Queen of the Skies. I am part of the 400th Heavy Bombardment Group flying B-17s with the 8th Air Force and we are in 1944. I am also a member of the 88th Heavy Bombardment Group flying from Italy with the 15th Air Force. Watch the exploits of my brave crews! I am also running the 200th Heavy Bombardment Group with 18 other guys around the world. We are flying B-24s and it is late 1943. Come and join up and fly the "box the B-17 came in!"

I work with a guy who's father fley B-24's in the Pacific. I have a picture of his Dad's plane, "The Queen Mae."

rod_cover_thumb.gif (8510 bytes)GMT Games is becoming a favorite game company and designer of mine. They have some beautiful games in their line. Their Down in Flames series of WW2 air combat is just great fun. All of their Civil War games are superb. Downtown is an air war game of combat over Vietnam. Their Borodino is super. Spend some time at GMT and you will buy something that will suit you.


asl.jpg (4598 bytes)Avalon Hill's (now MultiMan Publishing) Advanced Squad Leader. THE game of all games. ASL is (in my opinion) the best, most exact, most detailed, and most fun to play of all boardgames of all times. I own every module produced (of course...) and will continue to buy as they produce more. I love ASL. Now if I can get some more fodder...I mean opponents...<GRIN>

Avalanche Press makes a very beautiful line of wargames. I have their complete World War I naval set and am looking into getting their World World II line. A lot of other nice stuff too.

You want massive scale wargames? Games Research/Design will make you believe you ate the whole thing! Europa is humongous. I am thinking of getting their W.W.I set of games.... Decision Games is also re-making some of the old SPI classics. Watch out for those huge games as we all know SPI created some monsters!

Consimworld is an online site that is devoted to the supporting of boardgames and their publishers. You can get great info on games there. See reviews, info, and news about the board wargaming industry.

A grumbler. A veteran soldier. A member of Napoleon's Old Guard. Equals Grognard. If you play board wargames and have done so for many a year and refuse to give in to computers or those miniatures, the Grognard site is for you. Everything you need to know about board wargaming.

Board Game Geek. What a title! Find reviews and info on most every game out there. Kind of like the Grognard site but has more general issue games as well.

Looking for an old or out of print game? Go to Noble Knight Games or Desert Fox Games. They probably have a copy of that game for you.

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