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I have enjoyed playing science fiction miniatures for as long as I have been wargaming. Space fleet battles have always had a special place in my heart since the days of the Star Wars battles. Over the years I have collected tons of stuff in regards to science fiction wargaming.

Games Workshop makes some very cool miniatures. The miniatures are AMAZING if a little expensive. Forge World, a subsidiary of GW makes great resin pieces for the basic GW models. Well worth the effort. The eternal Emperor guides the humans to our manifest destiny...rulers of the galaxy!beautiful Eternal Emperor Philippe Ohresser

I have been into Warhammer 40k since about 1988. I had Rogue Trader and a lot of that early stuff. 2nd Edition I didnt much go for as it was too 'character driven' for me and not the regular grunt fighting for his home. But 3rd Edition brought it all back and I have gotten back out my Imperial Guard army. Being that I always think "If I do this, I might as well OVERDO this"...(hehe)...I have 550 painted 28mm guardsmen of the 10th Cyrian Regiment and the 33rd Jorja Armoured regiment with a Destroyer (tank destroyer), 2 Demolishers (siege tanks), four Hellhounds (flame-thrower support tank),  five (5!!) Baneblades (biggest, baddest ass tanks), 2 Shadowsword (titan killers), a Warhound titan, an Exterminator (heavy support tank), 12 Sentinels (war walker scouts), 2 griffon (siege mortars), 4 basilisks (self propelled artillery), 6 Leman Russ (main battle tank), and 8 Chimera APCs to those troops there safely.

I also am now the PROUD owner of the 95th Cadian Rifles Regiment. This is the regiment featured IN the Imperial Guard Codex. The 95th consists of 324 more men, 12 Leman Russ tanks, 2 basilisks, 1 griffon, 1 hellhound, 6 sentinels, 4 chimeras, and another Baneblade. You cannot guess how HAPPY I am to own these famous guys. They will look awesome on the table!

LODCommandsm.jpg (12384 bytes)The Legion of the Damned have contacted the 95th Cadian Rifles through ancient communication channels and advised they are available as support as needed. The Emperor be praised!

Other 40k army lists I run will be added as I do them. Ezboard has a lot of communities that support the 40k system. Several boards I am a poster on include the Command Tower (the best IG board hands down) and the DakkaDakka board. Both are well worth the effort to go see.

Imperial babe by Paul Rigdon of KingstonThe common soldier of the Imperium fights for the Emperor! Course we remember those we left behind. Like my wife at the left...<big grin>

I also have a Sisters of Battle force I build in honor of my little girl.I will flesh them out some to make a credible force with them when she gets older. The Sisters of the Ebon Chalice are beginning to take the field.

I have a huge White Scars army that is mounted and fully capable of destroying an enemy force in turn 1! See the Brotherhood in all its glory!

To help with all this and get the above armies setup, a great product to help you out is the Army Builder by the Wolf's Lair. You can use this product to help to maximize your forces for the table. Point, click, and bang you have a roster complete with all the details for each unit. Simply a beautiful piece of work. I have posted the 10th Cyrian Regiment's roster with its supporting elements of the 33rd Jorja Armoured Regiment and the 82nd Commando. The 95th Cadian Rifles regiment's roster will be posted soon too.

Full ThrustMy favorite spaceship combat miniatures game is Full Thrust and More Thrust. I have always like spaceship combat and these rules capture that quick and dirty flavor very much. Whole fleets can trash each other in a matter of hours. Great Fun. I will be using the Battlefleet Gothic miniatures below for Full Thrust when necessary to fight the enemy to a standstill. Good sites are the Unofficial FT Site and GeoHex USA site.

I own a huge Games Workshop Imperial Fleet consisting of an Emperor battleship, a Retribution battleship, 14 cruisers, 7 light cruisers, 33 frigates, and 20 destroyers plus a Marines Errant battlebarge and a strike cruiser. 6 transports support this battlefleet. For the enemy, I field a Chaos fleet of Nurgle; a Despolier battleship, 26 cruisers, 43 raiders, and 9 destroyers. I have an Eldar fleet of one Eclipse cruiser, 8 frigates, and 16 destroyers. All counted; 176 ships! Every ship in each fleet is named. I will post some pictures soon for your review. Battles have been fought! Read some After Action Reports between my sons and myself. There are a lot of very good resources for BFG on the web. BFG is a great system for a fun time.

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